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What is SMACom Wi-Fi Photo Transfer?

SMACom Wi-Fi Photo Transfer is a software that you can transfer photos taken by your smartphone without using an USB cable or a SD card.

Easy setup! Just install SUMACom on your PC and your smartphone.

SMACom Wi-Fi photo Transfer is the best thing to gain better connectivity between a PC and a smartphone.

Smartphone App

(Android OS or later)
(iOS 7.0 or later) DownLoad

for Windows

(Windows®10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7) Trial Download


for Windows



System requirements

Here are the differences from other software!

Recommended point!

Do you always store photos and movies on your smartphone?
Easily transfer the files to your PC by a Wi-Fi network.
No need to connect between your smartphone and PC with an USB cable, and no need to replace SD cards. All you need to do is just run SUMACom Wi-Fi Photo Transfer.
You can also transfer the data in your PC to your smartphone.

Fast transfer rate

It directly communicates between a PC and a smartphone, so you get fast transfer rate!
SMACom’s data transfer rate never gets slower compared with using a cloud service. Sometimes a cloud service gets slower data transfer rate due to network load.
Your Wi-Fi network becomes as an alternative to a cable.


Don’t worry about data leaking because SMACom differs from saving photos and movies to a cloud service.
You can transfer the files secretly with SMACom, and you don’t need to worry about expiration of a cloud service.


More security! Keyword function!
Type the keyword that you set on your smartphone and your PC.
Other people on the same Wi-Fi network cannot transfer and receive the files if they do not know the keyword.
You can create a peer to peer network very easily.

How SMACom Wi-Fi Photo Transfer works.

SMACom Wi-Fi Photo Transfer designates your smartphone as a file server and communicates with your PC on the same Wi-Fi network.
Once you do the paring with your smartphone and PC, you can connect your devices very easily form the second time.
Like a common cloud system always requires you to enter user ID and password, but SMACom does not require you login procedures. You can always transfer the files each other anywhere on the same Wi-Fi network.

Leave SMACom on! Quick wireless access to your smartphone!

Just run SMACom on both your smartphone and your PC, and you can connect to your smartphone so easily. It runs in the background. (only available on Android)
You can directly browse the data in your smartphone form your PC.
No need to connect between your smartphone and PC with an USB cable, and no need to replace SD cards!
You can also browse the data in several smartphones or tablet PCs by selecting destination device settings.

Easy download! Just one click!

You can browse the data with thumbnails.
You can search the file by switching the tabs (Photo, Movie, and Sound *1). Select the file that you want to import and click Download button. The file will be saved in a designated directory on your PC.

*1: Sound sharing is available only on Android OS.

View preview!

SMACom is not only downloading files to your PC but also you can view a preview by double clicking a thumbnail.
For instance, you can glance the movie before you download it. Also, when you are on the same Wi-Fi network, the data reflects real time. So you can immediately check a photo, a movie, or voice memo which you just took, shot, or recoeded on your PC.

Uploading is easy too! Just drag a file and drop it on an Upload window!

You can also transfer the data from your PC to your smartphone.
SMACom automatically distinguishes file formats and automatically sorts files in each format. You don’t get annoyed by smartphone’s complicated folder structure.
You can transfer your favorite movie to your smartphone and carry it around or your delightful photos to your tablet PC and enjoy them with your friends. Your smartphone life becomes more convenient.

Access from your web browser!

Android app (free of charge), iPhone app (free of charge)
You can use the app as a stand-alone.
You can connect to your smartphone from your web browser without installing Windows version of SMACom.
For instance, you can make combinations like a smartphone to a smartphone, a smartphone to tablet PC, and smartphone to Mac. *2
*2: However, uploading, batch downloading, thumbnail files, and previewing files are not available for free version. In app purchase is necessary to activate above functions.

About Web Browser Extension Settings

You can use below functions, if you enable Web Browser Extension Settings.

・Display thumbnails
 Photos’ and Movies’ thumbnails are displayed on your web browser. Only three recent photos are displayed if this function is disabled.

・Butch download
 Downloaded files are compressed as a zip file, and you can save it any directory.

 You can upload a file from your web browser to a destination device.

 Transfer files between a smartphone and another smartphone!
 Preview files, downloading files, and uploading files are OK!

*Downloading movie files is not available on iOS.
Play the files on your web browser or use other downloading tools.

Free trial

You can download trial version for PC

Free Trial

Purchase this software


System requirements

OS: Windows ® 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7

CPU:Must operate normally under the operating system used.

Memory:Must operate normally under the operating system used.

Disk Space:20MB or more (additional disk space is required for the data downloading from a destination device.)

Smart device(smartphone or tablet PC):
Android device compatible with Google Play
Android OS 4.0 or later
iOS 7.0 or later

Supported file formats:Support the file formats that are compatible with your OS.

About license and support:
- Use one license of the software on a single PC.
- Basic functions on an app for iOS / Android are for free.
- You can use Windows version as a demo version for 15 days with full functions.
- By purchasing this software and registering a serial number, you can continue using it as a commercial version.
- If you have a commercial version, you can receive free user support.

*Your devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network.
*You cannot connect to a destination device from more than one PC with Automatic connection.
*If you need to connect to a destination device from another PC, use Manual connection.
*Depends on file formats, you may not be able to view or play the transferred files.
*Sharing sound files is not available on iOS.
*iOS app must always be active. It does not run in the background.
Please check file formats that are compatible with your PC.
*There is no guarantee that all the smart devices (Android) operate normally.
We suggest that you should check with the demo version before you purchase this software.
*This software does not have a file conversion function.
*This software runs desktop mode on Windows 8.1 and 8.
*.NET Framework 3.5 must be installed on Windows OS.
You can install it by Windows Update or can download it from Microsoft Download Center.
*We do not take responsibility for data loss by your operation.

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