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Rakutin CD Label Maker Personal 3

Simple version of label printing software

Released on June 26th 2015
Easy, simple, and speedy!
You can quickly create your own label with three steps.
Compatible with Windows10
Easy operations for beginners to print on Blu-ray, DVD, CD, and cases.


ATR CALL Hatsuon Challenge

Let’s check your English pronunciation skill.

Released on April 10th 2015

Like playing a game, you can gain your English pronunciation skill without knowing it.
Your English pronunciation skill is automatically rated with ATR CALL System.
Recommended English pronunciation rating software for children to adults, for beginners to experts.


Rakutin CD Label Maker17
Rakutin CD Label Maker17 Pro

Blu-ray, DVD, and CD label printing software Ver.17

Released on March 6th 2015

Quick, Exact, and Beautiful!
Label printing software becomes more powerful.

Quick arrange letters or images, and decorate an image with one click.
Our popular enhanced photo clipping function, and cooperation with a smart phone and photo retouching software.
You can create one of a kind label.


SMACom Wi-Fi Photo Transfer

Transfer photos, movies, and sounds between a PC and a smart phone on a wireless network.

Released on December 5th 2014

No more using an USB cable or a SD card to transfer your photos!
You can now transfer photos, movies, and sounds to your PC from your smart phone with Wi-Fi connection!
You can also transfer the data to your smart phone from your PC.

Handy and secure. No leaking of information or no complicated operation.


InkSaver 5 Ink & Paper saving pack
InkSaver 5 Pro Ink and Tonner & Paper saving pack

Save ink and also save paper! You can save paper up to one eighth and can  export as a PDF document.

Released on September 5th 2014

Paper saving pack added to InkSaver 5!

You can easily operate saving ink, tonner, and paper by looking at print preview.

It is not only saving paper but also putting multiple documents together and exports as a PDF document.


Print Expert

Support exporting a PDF file! Multifunctional print utility

Released on September 5th 2014

Print Expert (multifunctional print utility) makes printing your documents more convenient.

Without complicated printer settings, you can easily print out your documents with layout printing, duplex printing, delete unnecessary pages, and etc. You can save a number of sheets of printing paper, can print out different format documents together, and can save them as a PDF file.

Also, Print Expert cooperate with InkSaver 5 series.


Rakutin Ichiawase Insatsu

Quit handwriting! Match position printing software

Released on June 24th 2014

You do not need to handwrite documents such as a sales slip and various application forms anymore. All you need to do is just scan them, type necessary fields, and print them out.

Also, importing a PDF file function is available, so you can directly type on a PDF file and print it out.


Photomaker Pro
Photomaker ProYakimashi Pack

Photo retouch software

Released on June 6th 2014

You can retouch your photo and can make it beautiful.
Photomaker Pro has a plenty of retouch functions, effects, and handwriting function. Professional retouch with layer function, and capable with various image format such as PSD.

Yakimashi Pack is available.

You can continuously print out your selected photos and also, you can cutout a scene image from your movie file.

iPhone and iPad app DecaPrint
Released on April 10th 2014

Create a super giant poster & a life-size poster

DecaPrint reads your photo or an image on your iPhone or iPad then print out it with your printer or multi-functional copy machine at a convenience store.

You can create super giant poster up to 4 meters long.


Rakutin Shashin Cutter

Cut your photo freely!

Released on December 13th 2013

You can cut your photos freely!

Everyone can cut your photo easily with mouse click.

After cutting your picture, you can save it as JPEG, PNG, and BMP file.

iPhone and iPad app DecaMaps
Released on May 23rd 2013

Decamaps is an iPhone and an iPad app to create a large detailed map that regular screenshot cannot handle it.

Up to 16 sheets of paper (4 sheets x 4sheets) can be printed out.


Rakutin Douga Henkan 3 + Rokuga Complete
Rakutin Douga Henkan 3 + Rokuga Smahotablet

Record your favorite movie! Convert your movie to any format!

Record any movie on your PC screen.
One click to convert the movie to any format. Corresponding smart devices are over 100 models.

Windows 8 ready.
Easy record with just 2 steps.
One click to compress and convert any movie.

 Burn your movie on a DVD disk.
 Edit your movie.
 Compatible with iPhone5, iPad mini, Nexus 7, and the latest models.

InkSaver 5
InkSaver 5 Pro

Ready for Windows 8. Printing quality improved!

Just install InkSaver 5, you can save ink and tonner up to 75 percent!
Without losing print quality, you can adjust ink or tonner density between 0% and 75%.
Ready for Windows 8!
New! Photo printing mode is available.
Simple design and easy operation!

You can change the saving method each purpose or each application.


Photo Calendar Club Ver.6

Create your own calendar

Released on December 5th 2012

You can create a 90,000 ways of calendar only 3 steps!
Easy operation! You can create a calendar as you like.
Ready for Windows 8!


Douga de Best shot! Matomete Print
Douga de Best shot! Matomete Print Premium

Cutout a still image from a movie file and easy print.

Released on July 22nd 2011
動画でベストショチE���E�らくちん�EリンチE border=
Douga de Best Shot! Matomete Print is all-in-one software that you can cutout an image from a movie file, retouch it, and print it.
Print out the best moment of image from your movie file that is taken by your digital movie camera.

Douga de Best Shot!

Cutout a high definition still image from your movie file.

Douga de Best Shot is software that cutouts an image from your movie file or DVD.

You can cutout a HD image of a moment of your child playing cheerfully or a moment of your lovely dog running around from a HD movie file.  


my Meishi Club

Make a business card for SOHO and freelance. SNS ready!

Create your own original business card for SOHO and freelance.
The concept of this software is Quick, Handy, and Easy!
Operation is simple too!
There are many functions that are very useful at a business scene, such as Dokodemo Print Function that you can print out your business card at a business trip destination. 
my Meish Club is a killer app to make business cards!


Satsu Memo MOVIE

Screen capture software with recording function. Full function version of Satsu Memo.

New version of Satsu Memo arrived!
Movie recording function is added!
Recording desktop of your PC, Ustream, YouTube, and other streaming sites with sound.
Moreover, adding letters or figures, cutout a still image, and simple movie editing function are available.
Sharing function with Evernote, Twitter, YouTube, 4shared, and etc.
Movie converting function for iPad, iPhone, or Android.
Satsu Memo MOVIE is useful for office documents, making manuals, preparing the data for presentation, and etc.


Satsu Memo

Screen capture and management software

Capture your screen, write on it, and send it!

You can capture desktop of your PC, can write on letters or figures, and can paste it on Office software or email.
Satsu Memo is useful for office documents, making manuals, preparing the data for presentation, and etc.

Compatible with Evernote, Twitter, Gmail, and etc.


Rakutin Photo Print

Easy digital photo print software

Paste your photos on various photo papers at once and print!


Rakutin Photo Kensaku

Photo download software

You can search and download photos that are taken by photographers from all over the world. Also, you can store the photos with Rakutin Photo Kensaku.


Photo Meishi Club Ver.6

Genuine business card making software

At office or at home, credible business card making software
50,000 products sold. (the series total)

Business card making software that supports from a family to a company with 1,000 employees.

Rakutin Meishi & Card2

Print business card or other card easily.

You can create a many different kinds of card from a business card to an invitation card for a party. Including 1,000 background images.

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